Transcending Shadows Review Submissions

Submissions for TSR are open on a rolling basis.

We would love to see your writing, your poetry, your short stories, your essays, your creative non-fiction, your mixed media art, your collages, your blackout poetry, your memoirs, your letters to loved ones or to your past self, your screen-prints, your doodles on the backs of old receipts, your essays, your photography, your flash fiction, your comics, your songs, your spoken word… We want creative expression in any form that can be electronically published.

Our e-magazine is looking for work surrounding identity and empowerment. Some topics include but are not limited to:

  • Experiences with forms of oppression (misogyny, racism and colonialism, classism, ableism, transphobia/homophobia, transmisogyny, whorephobia, intersections of these, etc.) and activism (womanism, intersectional feminism, anti-capitalism, advocacy for LGBT rights, etc.)
  • Queer identity and LGBTQ+ experiences
  • Abuse, assault, trauma, and the stages afterwards
  • Healing and recovery
  • Mental health
  • Radical self-love
  • Childhood and adolescence
  • Introspection
  • Anything that you feel empowers you—who are we to say what can or cannot be empowering to create?

Sumission Guidelines

  • POETRY: Submit no more than 5 (five) poems in one document (.doc or .docx) in Times New Roman, single-spaced, size 12 (twelve).
  • PROSE: Submit up to 3,000 (three thousand) words of prose in Times New Roman, double-spaced, size 12 (twelve), in a .doc or .docx file.
  • ART: Submit up to 5 (five) works of art as either PNG or JPEG files.
  • RECORDINGS: Submit up to 2 (two) recordings as .mp3 files. They should be accompanied by a transcript attached as a Word Document.
  • Email submissions to with the category you are submitting to and your last name in the subject line. It should look like: “__________ SUBMISSION/[last name]”. Your work should be submitted as attachments.
  • We accept previously published material as long as you own the rights to it and you properly credit the previous publisher(s). Simultaneous submissions are accepted.
  • Please include a cover letter in the body of your email. It should include a brief, third-person biography and the titles of your pieces.
  • Please allow for up to two months for a response time.
  • At this time we are unable to pay for accepted work. Rights remain with the author.

If we feel that your submission would fit well in an issue of a zine, we may ask to publish it in print.