We aim to amplify the voices of the unheard, bring to light the ugly, the grotesque, and the uncomfortable that are often kept hidden in the shadows, and find healing in doing so. We want to transcend our struggles, and create art out of the wreckage. We want raw expression. Naked connection. We want poems about how you carve a space for yourself in this world and leave an imprint behind.

Transcending Shadows Publishing is a small indie publisher that seeks to showcase work by those who have been victims of oppressive systems and institutions. We want dissident, queer, genderfucked, countercultural, decolonizing, anti-capitalist, inclusive, intersectional, mentally ill, poor, vagrant, immigrant, oppressed, abused, woman, feminist, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, indigenous, marginalized voices. We want stories. Send us yours. We are looking for poetry and/or prose manuscripts between 40-100 pages long – more info on our submissions page.

Transcending Shadows Publishing also runs Transcending Shadows Review, a multimedia arts and literature magazine focusing on themes of identity and empowerment.