“to touch lovable approval” by Gary Lundy

to touch lovable approval. my father your body his strong arms. to want enough to be proud. to finally listen. each lover my father who now loves me. no longer ignores all but surface complaints.

my first lover father. kind initials the covers warm over skin fear. of that disapproving enormous he bound by intolerable forgiveness. whose perfect skin bruises too easily.

where to look. to seek a more entrance. to smell him on my skin. on my fingers. without denial detail. for approval. against disapproving eyesight limits.

to begin with his beautiful cock. caught in suggestion tucked away behind cloth. when i see another pass by. your body type. i grow nostalgic.  


Bio: gary lundy was a professor of English and Creative Writing at The University of Montana Western. He left in 2011. Each July he is one of the instructors of the mandolin building class at Rocky Grass Academy, in Lyons, Colorado. gary’s poetry has appeared most recently in The Maynard, Yellow Chair Review, The Main Street Rag, Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal, and After Happy Hour Review. He lives in Missoula, Montana.



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