“In Another Universe” by Esther Liv

you are a mermaid and i,
a pirate queen. or maybe
it’s the other way, maybe
i’m a siren and you, a sea
monster. a dragon. fiery,
claws, all horror. either way,
it’s brutal and we’re feared.
we are feared by everyone
except each other. i fall in
love with the scales of your
tail and your voice — men
have drowned because of it.
that was your intent. that
was always your intent. you
fall in love with my alcohol
breath and messed-up hair.
smudged eyeliner and plaid.

i fuck you on my ship and
you kiss me slow in your
caves. turquoise water
around us; shimmery, hot.
your lips on my skin; salty,
sweet, wet surrounding us.
you sing, men arrive, hoping
for a threesome. instead,
decapitation. slow-burn
torture, sweet serial killer.
i’m in love with the destruction
you leave in your wake, and
you mine. cannons and guns
and too much rum. “lovers
can live on kisses and water.”
we skip the water for rum.
we skip the water for death.

Bio: esther liv is a 19 year old queer kid from denmark desperately in love with the moon. she’s sometimes a girl, but always down to get ice cream and watch slam poetry. she writes to feel alive.


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